Antarctic travellers stranded in ice off hobart

Antarctic travellers stranded in ice off hobart

Antarctic travellers stranded in ice off hobart

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The discovery of hundreds of stranded people in a remote and deadly stretch of Antarctica has shocked travellers, including some Australian scientists, who believe the human population may have been wiped out by what’s called « the giant ice sheet. »

The Antarctic town of Dombastant has been the subject of some controversy in the past for its lack of facilities such as power and water. But scientists say it looks more like a modern day version of the Dorset capital where many people find themselves stranded in an urban environment.

One local resident described having to put his feet up on his car and wade across the road to reach a water p바카라ump.

« I walked across the road, across the ice wall, into the cold cold water, » said Ian Wilson.

« I managed to get my feet in and walk across into the water, and it was so cold that my knees were blisters, and my toes were frostbitten. I was having trouble breathing. »

But for Ian, the harsh conditions are just a bonus as he has access to fresh water.

« There is water here so that is a huge bonus. It is probably about ten metres deep in terms of the depth, » he said.

« It is always a bit dangerous, just on this particular day. »

The discovery of several bodies, including one of the last remaining Australian, has taken a toll on local community trust.

« Dombastant is basically, a really poor environment for people to be in, I think, because it is a very small island, » Dr Ross Jones from Monash University’s Antarctic division told 7.30.

« And there’s not very many things they can 바카라do, so there’s not really much to do there. »

Dr Jones said the community was already on alert, with members in a number of hospitals and emergency rooms trying to put people on life support.

« That’s our concern as we move in because we still need to monitor some vital aspects of the life support system and it’s not clear whether there’s room for another individual, » he said.

« If that does prove to be the case, then that will obviously be very frustrating for the community. »

A family has been granted a place on a mobile field hospital with a full ambulance.

Dr Jones said a mobile unit has already started carrying the bodies and some of those on board a truck have started to be monitored.

« They have a basic surviva

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