Anglicare says minimum wage rise not enough for nurses’ families

Anglicare says minimum wage rise not enough for nurses’ families

Anglicare says minimum wage rise not enough for nurses’ families

The Australian Medical Association has urged the federal government to increase the federal minimum wage, saying it is already sufficiently high to sustain more families paying the higher price.

Australian Health Practitioners Council chief executive director David van der Sluijs said nurses should not be forced to work 20 hours a week or more to cover costs.

Van der Sluijs said families with children in the community were already expected to pay between $10 and $12 per week for a family doctor.

« Nurses are already struggling to feed their 더킹카지노families and pay for healthcare. The Australian Medical Association’s call for minimum wages to rise is not enough for nursing families, » he said.

The AHPC is a trade association for general practitioners, specialists and nurses. The group’s executive board, which is comprised of the CEO and deputy CEO, met last month to discuss the issue.

The AHPC believes the curre바카라사이트nt rate of salary rise should not be seen as sufficient, as the current minimum hourly minimum rate for Australian doctors, nurse practitioners, midwives and dentists is바카라사이트 $26.10 per hour.

« Increasing the minimum wage rate above the existing one per cent per year is unnecessary and a step backwards for nurses, » said AHPC chief executive Dr Peter Ritchie.

« We would prefer a 1 per cent per year increase in the average salary that every employee is currently earning.

« The best way to increase the workforce participation rate and improve health care for Australians is through job creation, rather than spending taxpayers’ money on pay rises. »

The Australian Council of Social Service also backs a higher minimum wage.

« There is evidence in the literature that minimum wages are not effective to improve health outcomes in the general population, » its chief executive, Dr Anne Gillett, said.

« Higher-paid workers with children are more likely to seek out employment outside the workforce, spend longer in the workplace and spend more time at home.

« Nurses may not be able to offer the same level of care to their families on a per-capita basis, but they do provide value for money which means that families receive the same level of care, » she said.

The AMA is also strongly in support of increasing the minimum wage.

The Australian Medical Association has estimated that a two-fold increase in the minimum wage – $10.60 to $11.60 per hour over 12 months – would reduce hospital costs by $30 millio

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