Drunk complainants turned away by police

Drunk complainants turned away by police

Drunk complainants turned away by police

It’s a fact of life in New Brunswick that many complainants are turned away from the justice system by police.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) says there are around 9,000 people in New Brunswick who have been violent offenders but this is down to police stopping those who report assaults instead.

The NCADV says that about 3.8% of all New Brunswickers live in poverty.

Dr. Julie Wiersema, NCDC’s executive director, says it’s difficult for police to get hold of any victims of domestic violence in the first place.

« There is no way for police to actually stop a person who has been abused and violence is perpetrated because, unfortunately, police don’t have the tools to track down and prosecute, especially the most serious people, » she says.

She says domestic violence victims are also more likely to have difficulty getting to court for their assault cases.

« It’s not always true for cases of sexual violence, which is more common when women are in a relationship that is at odds우리카지노 with what the court may deem to be appropriate, » Wiersema says.

For many women in the labour force, getting support on an issue of domestic violence can be a long and dif더킹카지노ficult road.

« That’s when I think of women who will not want to leave their ho우리카지노me because they are afraid of their safety and will only leave when someone wants to take their kids home, » she says.

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