5m live cattle export fund needs bi partisan support, » his spokesperson says

5m live cattle export fund needs bi partisan support, » his spokesperson says

5m live cattle export fund needs bi partisan support, » his spokesperson says.

« It is the Government’s intention to invest approximately $3.4m in bi-partisan support for farm investment, including ensuring that the Government manages a bi-partisan, transparent fund. »

That’s a bit of a double-edged sword in the budget for the Agriculture Department.

Farming-focused farm support for the budget’s agriculture sector investment (BIS) package – the so-called Bi-Fund for Investment and Development (BIED) – is only $200,000.

On the other hand, in the budget on October 8, the Budget Papers released that the government had committed $500m to create 10,000 jobs in the national agricultural sector.

Farm investment spending under the budget is $8.1 billion and includes $5.7 billion for investment in rural agriculture.

The Budget Papers document indicates that in 2019, the Abbott Government will create 6,000 jobs.

At the centre of the dispute is the $400m bi-partisan research fund.

That funding is meant to boost rural economic development through research and development (R&D) in rural Australia.

Mr Turnbull has repeatedly said the government will not support funding for a bi-partisan, independent research fund, wh강릉안마ich he previously described as « bizarre ».

Mr Abbott has called for a $350 million bi-partisan fund, known as the Rural Research and Economic Development Fund, that will be funded by the Government for research in the nation’s more remote and drought-prone areas.골목

There is widespread support in the rural media and elsewhere for an independent bi-partisan research fund but the Opposition Leader has refused to sign on to it.

It’s not clear whether the Opposition will join the Coalition in pushing for bi-partisan funding for R&D in rural areas, and that would create a multi-party quagmire if the Government were to sign on.

In the short term, Mr Abbott has been promising an independent bi-partisan funding stream for agriculture research, which will not occur.

However, the Opposition Leader appears to be inching away from the Bi-Fund plan once again, saying during Question Time on September 19th: « The Government will not support any changes that will undermine the independent and bipartisan role of scientists in agricultural research.

« What’s at sta대전 마사지ke in this budget is about delivering greater R&D, improving conditions for our agricultural producers and giving hope to workers in drought- and drough

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