Private rocket blasts off for space station

Private rocket blasts off for space station

Private rocket블랙 잭 blasts off for space station

The space shuttle Atlantis in orbit is shown being loaded with supplies on September 8, 2003, after returning from its five-month mission. (Photo: Michael Reynolds, USA TODAY)

WASHINGTON — As a giant, 에비앙 카지노purple UFO flies over the White House, the president looks around, then slowly gets up and starts walking back towards his car.

Not far away, in a vast office in the basement of the Capitol, aides in red, white and blue wait with bated breath as a giant green sphere goes through the halls and disappears into the fog.

The Pentagon says it won’t know until Monday, when U.S. Spac카지노 쿠폰e Command releases satellite photos taken by the Air Force’s X-band radar.

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