Water authority restructures billing process

Water authority restructures billing process

Water authority restructures billing process

The city of Phoenix is set to begin selling water on a billable-by-account number. City officials said Friday that the change means customers will begin getting their money in the mail when they are called in for a bill.

« The city of Phoenix is working with providers to make their평택출장안마 water customer billing faster, easier and more convenient and will continue to expand the service until service is better for customers and more affordable for our system, » said Janice Kukkonen, chief of staff to Mayor Greg Stanton.

The change will be effective Thursday and will roll into 2018, said Mark Fiedler, water utility communications director.

Customers will only need to pay about one-quarter the cost for the water service if they pay by phone, while others will pay between five and ten dollars per month for water service, he said.

Sustainable water options

It’s the second time Phoenix Water has made this change. Fiedler said earlier this year the city paid the lowest-cost service to customers to help fund a new contract with Sunworks, the utility.

Now, the city of Phoenix is switching to a separate billable-by-account account that doesn’t require them to pay a water company’s bill. They’ll see water available by a smartphone at the end of their water cut by three hours each week.

A bill to receive water will be mailed to the customer’s zip code, Kukkonen said. A customer will still need to bring a water source to be hooked up, but the city said they’ll save about $30 a month in delivery costs if customers do not use a mobile phone while making the appointment.

Other benefits of Phoenix Water’s water service that have come in the last couple of years include the introduction of its Smart Meter service in 2012, w강원출장샵 강원안마hich enables users to monitor and control the amount of water that’s coming through their taps.

More on the city’s water service to homeowners, via @PhoenixWater on Twitter: https://t.co/qCKjLwT9kP pic.twitter.com/4Ll4lKcQqM — Phoenix Water (@mtspfl.com) September 17, 2017

This is not the first time that Phoenix Water has made an important and controversial change. The utility added a service called « Water for a Dollar » that would have b창원출장마사지een free after a single customer paid a water bill for a year.

Customers wh

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