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3’s not an audience! One fourth of Brits experienced a threesome. And whether you might be solitary, settled or playing the industry, it is clear that sex issues.

— We announce the outcome of our biggest intercourse study — 20,000 visitors expose exactly just what actually continues in UK — percent of Brits have experienced a single evening stand— Four away from ten view porn 3 times a week—72 % of individuals have experienced romps outside

We present the results of The Sun’s biggest ever sex survey – in which an amazing 20,000 readers reveal what REALLY goes on between Britain’s bedsheets today.

And it’s clear that sex matters whether you are single, settled or playing the field.

Around 25 % of you — 26 pof males|of malepercent of women — admitted having enjoyed a threesome, while 7percent of readers confessed to outdoor intercourse.

That may seem bold sufficient with a — but 1 admitted to having run the possibility of a evening in the cells after romping on trains and buses.

Almost 25 % of males and women that took part within the anonymous study stated they couldn’t resist a secret tryst at the office, and nearly seven in ten of us have actually committed a “sex and run” — fleeing after having an one-night stand.